Street of the Gods

The Via degli Dei is a 130 km hiking route that crosses the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines connecting Bologna to Florence. It retraces an ancient Roman route, La Flaminia Militare, very well preserved, so much so that you will find yourself walking along stretches of cobblestones built 2000 years ago.

The itinerary starts from Bologna in Piazza Maggiore, climbs up to San Luca and then follows the Reno river to Sasso Marconi, where the wildest part of the route begins in the midst of beech and chestnut woods. Finally, you will reach Fiesole which, with a spectacular view of Florence from above, will make you understand that the route is coming to an end. There are many passes to overcome and the walkway on the ridge is about 1000 m asl.

The route is organized in 5 stages, which can be modified according to the needs and abilities of each hiker, and can be covered both on foot and by mountain bike, and why not, together with your 4-legged friends.

1st stage: Bologna – Sasso Marconi – Badolo.
2nd stage: Badolo – Monzuno – Madonna dei Fornelli
3rd stage: Madonna dei Fornelli – Passo della Futa – Monte di Fo ‘
4th stage: Monte di Fo ‘- Osteria Bruciata Pass – San Piero a Sieve
5th stage: San Piero a Sieve – Bivigliano – Fiesole – Florence

The start of the fifth stage of the Via degli Dei is adjacent to the campsite: it is accessed directly via a gate, the key of which is provided to walkers by our staff (for all information, please contact us)

Along the way you will find:

The uncontaminated nature of the Apennines and the Pliocene buttress
Near Monzuno, in the Borgo delle Croci, the ancient hospital where in the Middle Ages the monks gave food and accommodation to pilgrims on their way to Tuscany and then to Rome.
At the Passo della Futa, 903 m asl, the cemetery of the 30,683 German soldiers who died during the Second World War
The military pavement of the ancient Roman Military Flaminia, still intact after 2000 years
At the monastery of Monte Senario, a spectacular view of the Mugello and the valley of Florence
On Mount Adone, the ancient stone towers
From Fiesole, the mirage of Florence from above
Typical products of the Apennine cuisine such as potato tortelli from Mugello and of course the Florentine steak.