Hospitality since 1954

For over half a century we have been specialists in outdoor tourism in Tuscany and Florence.

In the late fifties, with great dedication, Gino Bensi, his wife Manola and family created a tourist activity for everyone: camping. Thus was born, with an intuition that has stood the test of time, Camping Panoramico Fiesole, one of the most beautiful campsites in the world, perched on the hill of Poggio Magherini in Fiesole and overlooking the city of Florence.

Following the popularity of outdoor tourism in the countries of northern Europe and the will of Italians to return to normality after the war, with a strong spirit and desire for a holiday despite poor economic resources, Camping Panoramico Fiesole offered chance for everyone to have holiday in freedom and in contact with nature. Our warm welcome and the unique location, with the passing of years, has become a reference for millions of tourists.

In the following years, with the development of tourism beyond hotels, agencies and tour operators began to specialize in the field and the demand of tourists for outdoor facilities increased considerably. Thus to Camping Panoramico Fiesole were added the  facilitie of Camping Mugello Verde in San Piero a Sieve in the early eighties The two structures meet the needs of open air tourism.

At the turn of the millennium, with the advent of the internet and online sales, the first web portal of the group was created at www.florencecamping.com, as nothing more than the digital version of the paper brochure.

The Florence Village brand was born in 2010. Florence Village brings together and represents Camping Village Panoramico Fiesole and Camping Village Mugello Verde quality tourist facilities in the Florentine area capable of satisfying every type and need of outdoor tourism.

Two solutions to get to know the best of beautiful Tuscany, the ideal place for a relaxing holiday, complete and fascinating.

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