Montececeri Park

The path leading to the famous stone quarries of Fiesole begins 200 meters from the campsite entrance. At the summit of Montececeri an inscription on stone recalls Leonardo Da Vinci’s experiment on flying.

From the campsite, turn right and then immediately left to take the pedestrian path that leads to Montececeri.
From Montececeri you can take paths to visit the Fiesole quarries,
the stonecutters’ quarries. Among the latest works made with Fiesolana stone,
remember the columns of the atrium, the staircase and other architectural elements
of the National Central Library of Florence.
Today a park has been set up in the area, the paths of which show
the basic types of ancient quarries:
the tagliata, in the open air, and the latomia or stuck quarry,
artificial caves with their own support feet.

travel time: about an hour.